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Uncle Bengine

Born and raised in the shadow of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Ben Schlabach writes honest songs about the important things in his life. His driving folk tunes are laden with personal adventure and tales of family, friends, and gals. Pull up a chair, for whether this man performs solo or is accompanied by pedal steel and drums, he has one great story to tell.

Uncle Bengine and the Restraining Orders are...
Ben Schlabach, Jason Summer, Nik Combs

with the help of...
John Hostetter , Melanie Schlabach


Prison Book Club / Uncle Bengine split Cassette

2012 · Funny / Not Funny Records · F/NF 019

Comes in Nines

2011 · Steam Engine Recordng Company · SERC-001


2010 · Funny/Not Funny Records · F/NF 009

hand cut 7" Lathe (Clear /50)

They Grow up so Fast

2010 · Funny/Not Funny Records · F/NF 004

Don't Be Nervous

2006 · Self-Released · mild winter

6 song EP

F/NF Summer Mix Tape 2010

2010 · Funny / Not Funny Records · 002.5

12 Tracks from the F/NF Family.

Postcards and Letters

2008 · Self-Released · mild winter

A Wanderer's Home

2008 · Self-Released · mild winter