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Eternal Summers

Eternal Summers, a duo now gone trio, mix together a blend of jangly hooks and hazy pop to deliver a final product best described as dreamy. Each song has a beautifully polished quality to it that can only come from a band with chemistry; a chemistry that has been with them from the start and followed them through countless shows, numerous releases, and shows no signs of wavering. The band features prominent members of the Roanoke, VA based Magic Twig Community who are consistently are producing classy nostalgic tunes that will leave you believing they have a Midas touch.

Eternal Summers areā€¦
Nicole Yun, Daniel Cundiff, Samuel Lunsford


Split 7" w/ The Super Vacations

2011 · Funny / Not Funny Records · 014

300 / Black

Prisoner 12" EP

2011 · co-released by Kanine Records and Forest Family Records · KR67

500 / White

Silver LP

2010 · Kanine Records · KR56


Seasons 7" EP

2010 · Meal Deal Records · MEALDEAL004

300 / White

Eternal Summers 10" EP

2010 · Chimney Sweep Records · CSR07

500 / Black

Summer Reading 7" split w/ Reading Rainbow

2009 · Chimney Sweep Records · CSR05

500 / Black