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Naked Gods

Naked Gods are a "hapless burly-pop prog-punk" quintet based out of the mountains of western North Carolina. A band for roughly four years now, and with various members having grown up writing and performing together, Naked Gods' music derives itself from an eclectic slop of influences and styles. Most importantly, the songs take on their inspiration from both an intense awareness and exploration of community and place, friendship, and a shared desire to artistically experiment and redefine their own musical boundaries. The band lives, writes, practices, records, breeds felines, and indulges in wild fermentation experiments on unsuspecting vegetables at their home in Boone, NC.

Naked Gods are...
Seth Sullivan, Derek Wycoff, Brian Knox, Chris Hutelmyer, Christian Smith


No Jams LP/CD

2012 · Funny / Not Funny Records · 015

200 / Black
1000 / CD

Split 7" w/ The Invisible Hand

2010 · Django Kill Records · 002

500 / Black

Welcome Home LP/CD

2008 · Django Kill Records · 001

100 / Black
1000 / CD