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The Diamond Center

Upon forming in 2007, The Diamond Center at its core has always been Kyle Harris and Brandi Price. After travels and homesteads in Athens, Georgia and Lubbock, Texas, their creative migratory patterns led them to Richmond, Virginia. Numerous releases as well as multiple cross-country tours has only solidified the group’s psychedelic aesthetic and the adoring legions of fans spread across state lines.

The Diamond Center are...
Lindsay Phillips, Tim Falen, Brandi Price, Kyle Harris

with the help of...
Will Godwin


California / Bells 7"

2012 · Funny / Not Funny Records · 017

300 / Black

Caraway / 20Twin 7"

2010 · Some Day This Will All Make Sense Records · 024

400 / Black
100 / White

My Only Companion

2009 · Self-Released

1000 / CD

Claws & Flaws

2007 · Self-Released

150 / CD