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The Diamond Center - 7" + Digi Download

Funny / Not Funny Records is proud to present The Diamond Center's second foray into wax by releasing the California / Bells 7". Utilizing every inch with grooves, much like the record before it, these two tunes are able to take you on a lush psychedelia filled dreamquest for a swooning 13 minutes. Fuzzed guitars, waning organs, minimalist drum lines, a dualistic yet harmonious approach to vocals, and mastery of dynamics as a whole that only comes from perfect practice all culminate to bring you one of our most epic releases to date. This vision came into being at the Magic Twig Community's Mystic Fortress, the same studio birthplace as our 14th release, giving you, the listener, yet another round of fully realized and quality recordings. Spin this single and transcend into the truth we speak.


  1. California
  2. Bells

Pressing Information

300 / Black