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The Young Sinclairs

Painting a majestic picture of The Young Sinclairs is a rather easy task. Roanoke, VA, their hometown, basks in the glow of the world's largest freestanding illuminated man-made star. The band is comprised of charter members of the Magic Twig Community whom records in their collectively owned recording studio fittingly named The Mystic Fortress. With this same majestic quality, The Sinclairs skillfully craft songs reminiscent of the 60s psych-jams heralded by The Byrds. The group’s exploration of the genre is impressive and their delivery elegantly proficient. Highly recommended.

The Young Sinclairs are...
John Thompson, Daniel Cundiff, Seanmichael Poff, Jonathan Woods, Samuel Lunsford


O Bummer

2010 · Funny / Not Funny Records · 007

Cassette Tape run of 100.


2010 · Chimney Sweep Records · 008

Purple Wax

We Spoke Our Minds

2010 · Planting Seeds Records · 065

5 track EP

Cetos Return

2007 · Magic Twig Community · 004

Indian Winter

2007 · Magic Twig Community · 003

Tough Face

2006 · Magic Twig Community · 002

Feel Bad

2005 · Magic Twig Community · 001