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The Young Sinclairs - "O Bummer" Cassette

Funny / Not Funny is proud to present “O Bummer” on cassette, a collection of songs that were originally released on CD-R by the Magic Twig Community. Armed with tube amps, 12 strings, and enough reverb to swath half of the continent in a pool of electronically amplified pop-art Roanoke VA’s, the Young Sinclairs have skillfully crafted a set songs reminiscent of the 60s psych-jams heralded by The Byrds. These nostalgic tracks will stand up to any of the classics in your Dad’s vinyl record collection.

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  1. Up Against The Wall
  2. Honey Suckle Rose And Pumpkin
  3. You Got Inside And So Did I
  4. Golden Circles
  5. They're Not Writing
  6. Ballad Of Jimmy
  7. Talisman
  8. Not Today
  9. Tree In The Rain
  10. O Bummer

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100/Kelly Green