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Borrowed Beams of Light

The Beams quickly grabbed the attention of Charlottesville and the surrounding region with their brand of 70's influenced indie rock. Adam Brock and Nathan Walsh, the masterminds behind the Beams, have constructed carefully orchestrated pop songs that hold the attention of the most ADD kid in the room. With a CDEP and a split 7” under their belt, the Beams have set out to write and record their first full length record.

The Borrowed Beams of Light are...
Adam Benson Brock, Nathan Ryan Walsh, Marie Landragin, Jordan Brunk, Dave Gibson, Adam Smith


Borrowed Beams of Light - Hot Springs EP/LP

2012 · Funny / Not Funny Records · 020

333 / Black

Released August 2012.

Stellar Hoax

2011 · World Records · 001

500 / Black

Split 7" w/ Invisible Hand

2010 · Funny / Not Funny · 011

300 / Black

F/NF Summer Mix Tape 2010

2010 · Funny / Not Funny Records · 002.5

12 Tracks from the F/NF Family.

The Queen's Jew

2010 · Royal Rhino Flying



2009 · Self-Released · 001

1000 / CD