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Borrowed Beams of Light - Stellar Hoax LP

Stellar Hoax is the debut full length from Charlottesville VA's Borrowed Beams of Light. Building on the strengths of their CD/EP and split 7" with The Invisible Hand, the Beams of continued to prefect their own brand of '60's and '70's influenced indie pop. Stellar Hoax is made up of ten tracks loosely based on the Voynich Manuscript, a 15th century text with mysterious origins that has yet to be deciphered, but do not fear it won't take your ears long to reveal the finely crafted beauty of this summer pop record.


  1. Plants
  2. Run Rabid Through The Haze
  3. Holy Cow
  4. Half Light
  5. Night Watch
  6. Hang 1000
  7. Brilliant Future
  8. King & Queen
  9. Codebreakers
  10. Stellar Hoax

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Pressing Information

Co-Released by Speakertree Records and World Records.

500 / Black