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The Diamond Center - Crystals for the Brass Empire - LP F/NF 030

Funny / Not Funny Records is proud to be a part of the release of the long-awaited 'Crystals For The Brass Empire' by The Diamond Center. The band's first full length carved into vinyl gallops out of the gate, taking the listener down a long and winding path full of lush psychedelia, fuzz, and folk. Walls of echoing reverb and haunting vocals 'Wax and Wane' as the sonic cycle continues at a pace guided by the crescendo of pounding drums. The auditory adventurer will find that there is something intrinsically magical about these compositions and by journey's end you will realize that The Diamond Center is truly a 'Messenger of Wonder' inviting you join them in a world of their own making. Drop the needle. Journey there. Be astonished.

  • The Diamond Center - Messenger of Wonder

Pressing Information

300 / Black
Tri-split release between F/NF Records, Egghunt Records, & Steady Sounds.


  1. Messenger of Wonder
  2. Wax and Wane
  3. Bones
  4. Pony
  5. Snow Silence
  6. SAMO
  7. J&J

Digital Download Bonus Tracks

  1. California
  2. Bells