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Uncle Bengine - Write Home LP F/NF 050

Funny / Not Funny records is excited to announce that F/NF 050 will be Write Home, the new full length from Uncle Bengine and the Restraining Orders. Recorded over the past 7 years in various basements, bedrooms, warehouses and DIY studio spaces, Write Home has been a long time coming! An incredible release milestone reached via an incredible band. Mixed by Eric Shy at Hotel Appalachia in Harrisonburg VA (other clients include Illiterate Light, Bishops, etc) with additional mixing done by Chris "Scary" Adams at Hidden Audio in Rincon, GA (other clients include Black Tusk, Crab Action, Azores, etc) and finally mastered by T.J Lipple (other clients include Aloha, American Football, Brownbird, Fugazi, etc) We are over the moon! This release is well worth the wait.

Check out the singles “King Bed” & “Night Bangin'” below:

Pressing Information

100 / Blue
100 / Black

A digital download is included with each LP


  1. Walk Home
  2. Trucks
  3. King Bed
  4. MTV
  5. Ice House
  6. Bleeding Out
  7. Night Bangin'
  8. Black Smoke
  9. Untitled
  10. Ghost Woods