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Malatese - Oksom Tejah BGR 009

Funny / Not Funny is excited to offer the debut LP from Harrisonburg VA's Malatese. Cutting their teeth throughout the region, Malatese has emerged from the depth of the historic Crayola House basement with a record that would rival any of the bands that have graced the house throughout the past 20 years. Heavy elements of 90's era Dischord swirl with angular dance riffs, that play out like a Nation of Ulysses Monorchid sweat soaked dance party. Recorded at The Headroom in Philly, mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago, and released by Bad Grrrl Records out of Richmond. Pick up your copy today!


  1. Shape Shifters
  2. The Fly
  3. Jamais Vu
  4. World Panic
  5. Paradise
  6. Outside My Head
  7. Divine
  8. I Don't Play
  9. Time Mask
  10. Occasional Clarity
  11. Heaven Would Melt

Pressing Information

300 / Black