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The Modern Folk - Briery Branch Cassette F/NF 051

Funny / Not Funny Records could not be more pleased to welcome longtime friend and supporter Josh Moss and his ever rotating and mostly Portland, OR based musical ensemble, aka The Modern Folk, to our roster with the cassette release of 'Briery Branch'. What makes this release extra special for us and as the album title would suggest, all of it was recorded in our area and it features local musicians, friends, and many folks who have been a part of previous F/NF groups. (The Alphabet, The Cinnamon Band, Order). On 'Briery Branch' you will find Josh's signature acoustic stylings layered upon the ever-present hum of the double bass and the strum of the electric guitar. The use of field recordings and additional instruments sprinkled throughout the tape brings subtle depth to these pastoral folk tracks. The LP version of this record was released by Ramble Records, which we also encourage you to pick up. What makes the cassette release unique is the inclusion of the bonus track "Marb Reds", a track with a rock and roll edge to close it out, which features a slightly different local ensemble. With just under 40 minutes of music to enjoy, this is a great selection to throw in the tape deck while driving through the National Forests of Virginia.

  • The Modern Folk - Marb Red

Pressing Information

100 / Translucent Green with White Ink

A digital download is included with each cassette


  1. Slate Lick
  2. Hone Quarry
  3. Bobcat
  4. Shake
  5. Yukon Jack
  6. Sugar Grove
  7. Bonus Track: Marb Reds