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Order / Elephant Child Split Cassette + Digi Download

In showcase of F/NF Alumni comes the Order / Elephant Child split cassette tape whose bands also contain members of Invisible Hand, Whatever Brains, The Alphabet, and Mr. John Jacob. Erupting from this volcano/melting pot comes a piping hot mixture of electronics and garage rock. Charlottesville, VA based Order, whose members are constantly rotating and are coming close to the decade mark as a band share this tape with the relatively new in comparison, and heavy hitting Harrisonburg, VA natives, Elephant Child.

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  1. ORDER - Basement Tape
  2. ORDER - Emotion Lotion
  3. ORDER - Rogue Trunx
  4. ORDER - You're Scandalous
  5. ORDER - Bebe Frais
  6. ORDER - Band On The Run
  7. ELEPHANT CHILD - Olympus
  8. ELEPHANT CHILD - Bodies
  9. ELEPHANT CHILD - Phantom
  10. ELEPHANT CHILD - Wild Woman
  11. ELEPHANT CHILD - Fourth Meal
  12. ELEPHANT CHILD - Question Mark

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