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Droopies - Responsible People Cassette F/NF 045

Funny / Not Funny Records is excited to officially welcome Droopies to the family with the limited cassette release entitled 'Responsible People'. This 15 track album is the band's sophomore effort following their first self titled release back in 2015. On it you will find a more polished and layered offering without wiping away all the grit that is at the center of the band's sound. Feedback riddled lead riffs, fuzz driven bass, and gritty vocals all coalesce to push home hooks that are catchy yet dark on this must have limited cassette.

Check out the single 'Gone Wrong' below:

  • Droopies - Gone wrong

Pressing Information

100 / Gray Shell w/ Black Text


  1. I'm not the boss
  2. Inner space
  3. Nothing is alright
  4. What confines
  5. Gone wrong
  6. Once in my life
  7. Fiber
  8. Heart attack
  9. Responsible people
  10. You need out
  11. Guest of honor
  12. I'm amazed
  13. Pulse
  14. Apart
  15. Sharpened enamel