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Bishops - Silver Lining + Feel Alive Cassette F/NF 043

F/NF released Bishops' sophomore full length, Silver Lining, on cassette in the Spring of 2014. At the time Bishops was transitioning out from the shadows of being a side project into the full-steam ahead fuzz soaked rock band they are today. F/NF is excited to re-imagine that release complete with the long out of print "Feel Alive EP" and a handful of unreleased demos from the Silver Lining sessions. Do not miss out on your chance to grab a copy of this limited and unique repress that also features new artwork that incorporates elements from both previous album covers. Check out the singles 'Inheritance' (previously unreleased) and 'I Want To Marry Rock and Roll' (from the Feel Alive EP) below:

  • Bishops - Inheritance (Silver Lining demos)

  • Bishops - I Wanna Marry Rock and Roll (Feel Alive EP)

Pressing Information

100 / Smoke Shell w/ Blue Text


  1. Killing Time
  2. Morning Light
  3. Darker Side of Town
  4. Alcohol
  5. Stay Young
  6. Silver Lining
  7. Fix It
  8. Before My Time
  9. Wasted Words
  10. Remember Us
  11. Feel Alive (Feel Alive EP)
  12. I Wanna Marry Rock and Roll (Feel Alive EP)
  13. Let Go (Feel Alive EP)
  14. When Will I Die? (Feel Alive EP)
  15. Easy (Feel Alive EP)
  16. Inheritance (Silver Lining demos)
  17. Alcohol (Silver Lining demos)
  18. Before My Time (Silver Lining demos)
  19. Remember Us (Silver Lining demos)