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New Boss - Third Sister Cassette F/NF 042

F/NF is excited to present the fourth cassette release from Charlottesville VA's New Boss. This 28 track release showcases the band's incredible prolific nature to craft unique, vibrant power-pop, not to mention this is their 5th release in two years! Side A contains the official 13 tracks that make up the 'Third Sister' release plus one bonus track. Side B contains 14 unreleased demos from the same batch of songs, giving the listener an inside glimpse into the origins of each track. With an hour and a half worth of material to dive into you will realize that the band has really hit its stride. Trading / sharing vocals between multiple members with ease and seamlessly taking turns on leads with various instruments, New Boss has truly transformed into an unstoppable rock and roll juggernaut. Check out the single 'Dreams' below:

  • New Boss - Dreams

Pressing Information

100 / Pink Shell w/ Black Ink

A digital download is included with each cassette

12" vinyl version is available from Warhen Records


  1. Third Sister
  2. Strange Angles
  3. Dreams
  4. Pretty Haunted
  5. Back to the Beach
  6. The Hill
  7. Mirror Mirror
  8. Party Trick
  9. Fools
  10. Gray
  11. Jeeps
  12. Wildlife
  13. In Other News
  14. Dream Pop
  15. Mirror Mirror (studio version)
  16. Back to the Beach (demo)
  17. Strange Angles (demo)
  18. Dreams (demos)
  19. The Hill (demo)
  20. Third Sister (Devon vocal)
  21. Jeeps (demo)
  22. Fools (demo)
  23. Dandelion (demo)
  24. Party Trick (demo)
  25. Pretty Haunted (band demo)
  26. Gray (demo)
  27. Wildlife (demo)
  28. In Other News (demo)