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You're Jovian - Stereochronic Cassette F/NF 040

Funny / Not Funny Records is excited to repress You're Jovian's 2012 release 'Stereochronic'. Back by popular demand, this cassette contains nine classic tracks from the original collection. Throughout the tape you will find shoegaze soundscapes mixed with driving rhythms and rippin' reverb filled guitar licks. For fans of The Swirlies, Swervedriver, & My Bloody Valentine. Grab one of these limited jams before they are gone! Check out the single 'Sentimental Doubt" below:

  • You're Jovian - Sentimental Doubt

Pressing Information

50 / Purple Shell w/ Black Ink

A digital download is included with each cassette


  1. Sentimental Doubt
  2. And Now
  3. Dumb Child
  4. Later Better Than Never
  5. A Harmonic Minor
  6. Seasons to You
  7. Maybe
  8. All Alone
  9. Basement Jam