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Azores - Copper Beach - LP F/NF 038

Funny / Not Funny is proud to present the debut full length, Copper Beach, from Harrisonburg, VA’s Azores. Following up their self-titled EP, Azores have picked up where the left off and continue to push and grow. Copper Beach manages to be both edgy and upbeat, combining rich guitar parts with vocals that are coarse but nuanced. Add in well placed hooks and harmonies and you have power pop at its finest. Azores have found their voice in highlighting the struggles and joy of transitions, creating a relatable record that should easily find its way onto your turntable. Recorded in the same studio as the EP and mastered by TJ Lipple of Inner Ear / Ahola fame, this record is a real gem. Check out the singles “Under Pressure Man” and “Strawberry Cowtails” below:

  • Azores - Under Pressure Man

  • Azores - Strawberry Cowtails

Pressing Information

250 / Black

A digital download is included with each LP


  1. Tail Spin
  2. Painful Powers
  3. Return The Gift
  4. Best Friends
  5. Over It
  6. Under Pressure Man
  7. Lose Face
  8. Strawberry Cowtails
  9. Communion
  10. Palette Cleanse