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Invisible Hand - S/T LP + Digi Download

Adam Smith and his Invisible Hand have been producing some of the best punk-laced pop gems and quietly experimenting with home-recording under the radar for the past four years. After releasing a series of split 7"s with Naked Gods (Boone, NC), The Alphabet (Harrisonburg, VA) and Borrowed Beams of Light (Charlottesville, VA), Adam unveils his self-titled masterpiece with 12 tracks of pure gold. Funny / Not Funny Records' debut full length LP is sure not to disappoint.


  1. Two Chords
  2. Room In My Will
  3. Coy Trap
  4. (Aubade)
  5. Four Seasons
  6. I Want To Win
  7. Catch Twenty Two
  8. Whores
  9. This Morning Was Fucked
  10. Black Tie Formal
  11. Vegetables
  12. Once The Salad Enters Your Mind

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