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Polyon - Blue EP F/NF 036

It is as if radiowaves from 90s alt rock disc jockeys who loved to spin bands akin to Failure, Far, and Hum have finally traversed far enough into deep space to fall on the curious earholes of aliens living on Planet Fuzz. Their response to humanity's first "hello" is a thirteen minute and twenty-six second transmission classified by the world's governments as codename Polyon. F/NF, being behind the idea of freedom of information and generally all music that sounds rad, have decided to share this sonic spectacle with the world. Simply acquire these sounds, plug into your nearest audio device and prepare to blast off!

Note: FNF is not responsible for any accidental teleportation, transcendence, or time dilation that may occur as a direct result of listening this recording.

  • Polyon - Blue

Pressing Information

100 / White Shell w/ Dark Blue Ink
Digital Download Included


  1. Reserve
  2. Faults
  3. Ought
  4. Blue