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Invisible Hand - Squirrel Jail Cassette + Digi Download F/NF 024

F/NF is excited to release "Squirrel Jail" the brand new cassette tape from the Invisible Hand. This collection captures a behind the scenes look at the Invisible Hand. Filled with over an hour of demos, outtakes and alternate versions, which range from lo-fi bedroom garage rock anthems to perfectly polished pop jams. A perfect companion for those summer road trips you are planning.

Pressing Information

100 / White w/ Red Ink


  1. Intro
  2. Smile Forever
  3. Summer Home At Last
  4. Eating Out (Rock n' Roll version)
  5. A Cappella (w instrumental)
  6. Wolves
  7. Lowbaude
  8. Flange
  9. Squatters Rights (Slumlord Millionaires)
  10. Everything's Fair Game
  11. Wounded Eels
  13. Pigeons
  14. Slow Burn
  15. Prince Bolan returns from battle
  16. The Bleach Bums
  17. Sniff That (I can not pop)
  18. Guided by Ishmael
  19. A song called krautrock