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Invisible Hand - Aja + Digi Download F/NF 022

F/NF is excited to bring you "Aja", a five song 45rpm 12" record, from Charlottesville VA's Invisible Hand. This 12" EP marks the 5th release from our good buds on Funny / Not Funny Records, the most by any single band to date. Adam Smith and the Hand are back with another collection of tracks that fuse elements of the 60s and the 80s with the result being…. the 70s? Ha, We wish it was that easy to label the blended songwriting repertoire of Smith but one thing is for sure, it is certainly catchy. Throughout this fusion of classic and modern stylings you will find a perfect mixture of complex rhythms and structures with energetic pop hooks and vocal harmonies. This record is not only an instant classic for fans of the band, but is a great starter to pick up if you are just enrolling in a crash course of Invisible Hand 101.

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200 / Black


  1. Eating Out
  2. Psychic Cat
  3. Home At Last
  4. Call Me Ishmael
  5. Bleach Bums