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Super Vacations Heater Pt. II LP + Digi Download F/NF 021

F/NF is proud to bring you The Super Vacations' LP entitled "Heater Pt. II". This 12" is their 3rd full length, and with band members spread all across the entire state of VA, "Heater Pt. II" is a testament that their creative process has staying power. This record combines their past three 7" singles with new material also recorded at the Mystic Fortress making it a fully realized and cohesive collection. Once again you find Rob's unique vocal stylings, a driving rhythm section and So Cal influenced guitar licks but "Heater Pt. II" as a whole is a little darker than their previous LPs, however, still adheres to the same Super Vacations formula we all know and love. A must have for fans and lovers of psych-tinged rock and roll.

Pressing Information

200 / Black


  1. Faded Leather Jacket
  2. Controller
  3. Ruby
  4. El Rey
  5. Hexing
  6. Fried
  7. Above Below
  8. Signals of Thought
  9. Picnic
  10. Beer League
  11. Kitchen Lites
  12. Inside the Heater Shop