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Invisible Hand "Sinister Hand" Cassette

Don't miss out on this 40 minute collection of rarities from Adam Smith and the Invisible Hand that’s features their 4 song EP, a version of “I Want To Win” from the F/NF Summer Mix Tape, a full band version of “Death Belows” from their split with The Alphabet (F/NF – 001), and tons of previously unreleased and self recorded songs. “Sinister Hand” is plush with distorted guitars, punk traits, and dissonance that gives this cassette a raw yet cohesive feeling.

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  1. I want To Win
  2. Top of the Pops
  3. My Heart Beat is Making My Ears Ring
  4. Death Bellows CSS
  5. You're A Bronze Medalist (How To Cope)
  6. Future of Music
  7. Four Seasons
  8. Aubade
  9. Once The Salad Enters Your Mind
  10. Black Tie Formal
  11. Poppy Cock

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100/Kelly Green