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The Super Vacations - Thicker Milk LP

Thicker Milk, the second full length LP by the Super Vacations, showcases how the band has filled out as a 5 piece, further developing their own brand of pop laden psychedelic rock. The album is made up of 21 tracks, clocks in around 35 minutes, and is chocked full of riffs, whose end result is something bigger and more bold than previous releases. Thicker Milk pulls in equal parts; pop, surf, psych and punk to keep listeners on their feet from start to finish. Released on Shdwply Records (018).


  1. Moss
  2. Be Glad
  3. Ten Second Freak Out
  4. Beehive
  5. Yllw Hss
  6. Moon
  7. Glowing
  8. Eternal House
  9. Safe at Home
  10. Into the Void
  11. Proton
  12. White Lodge
  13. Bikini
  14. Ask a Comb
  15. Celebration
  16. ????
  17. Guacamole
  18. 1000 Mirrors
  19. Psychic Friends
  20. Free Tree
  21. Thank You

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Pressing Information

Released on Shwdply Records (SHWDPLY 018)