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Order - "Wild Order" LP

Order's outstanding debut LP released on Creature Feature Records (001).

Order's first LP since their inception nearly 10 years ago in a crowning achievement that brings together a collection of tracks spanning the later half of their diverse musical career with vocals by Tim Westberg (of My Mind).


  1. Pasifist's Lament
  2. Thin Edge of the Wedge
  3. Bike
  4. G Minor
  5. I Beat Jesus
  6. Armor of Evil
  7. Whatever Bubbles Up
  8. Tipping Point
  9. White Dad
  10. Full Biting Style
  11. Kickball
  12. Cancel my Appointments
  13. Wisdom of the Oracle
  14. Council of the Devil
  15. Man Brigade

Pressing Information

300 / Black