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Wineteeth - Soft Bangers Cassette F/NF 049

Looking for some new songs? Ooo do we have something to satiate your sonic appetite. Funny / Not Funny Records is excited to share with the world, Wineteeth's first full length album entitled Soft Bangers as a limited cassette release. The Harrisonburg based band continues to bring the heat with their in your face garage rock rippers but have expanded the menu with the addition of some slow roasted head bobbers. On Soft Bangers you can tell that Wineteeth has continued to grow together as musicians as they extend the complexity of their sonic palette. Lindzsor's signature vocals, fuzzed out and frenetic riffs, and an energetic drumming style blend together to create a final product that is truly a treat!

Check out the singles “Tiny Jumping Spiders” & “Haunted Boy” below:

  • Wineteeth - Tiny Jumping Spiders

  • Wineteeth - Haunted Boy

Pressing Information

100 / White

A digital download is included with each cassette


  1. Dom
  2. Aliens III
  3. Judy & Johnny
  4. Goths At The Beach
  5. I'm Fine
  6. Haunted Boy
  7. Mystery Queen
  8. Enough Of It
  9. Tiny Jumping Spiders
  10. Sad For U
  11. OK OK OK
  12. Slow Cowboy