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Whatever Brains

What else do we know about Whatever Brains, other than every time we see a photo of them they're either grilling or looking like they just lit a bunch of fireworks and shoved them in a mailbox? From their three amazing 7" singles, we can devise that their tracks are synonymous with their photos; explosive, packing a punch.., daunting, ...about grilling. They'd probably like to take this opportunity to tell you how they like hanging and playing music and listening to The Fall and Country Teasers...I'm going to take this opportunity to advise against ever letting Rich Ivey talk you into playing Dr. Mario. My man doesn't even have a down button! The Whatever Brains have been compared to a slower, drunker hives. Nail on the head, my friend. Some of the most genuine, nice guys you'll ever meet, making the most fucked up, evil, catchy punk songs around.

Whatever Brains are...
Rich Ivey, Evan Williams, William Evans, Matt Watson, Hank Shore


F/NF Summer Mix Tape 2010

2010 · Funny / Not Funny Records · 002.5

12 Tracks from the F/NF Family.

Saddle Up

2009 · Bull City Records · BRC#03

1st pressing - 400 black vinyl, 100 white vinyl

Mt. Whatever

2009 · Bull City Records · BCR#01

1st pressing - 500 black

Soft Dick City

2009 · Self-Released

10ish songs, 30ish minutes

Trim Jeans

2009 · Self-Released

11 songs, 23 minutes