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John Jacob

John Hostetter has quite the impressive resume: Berkley grad, former bass player in Austin's Harlem, currently the brainchild/front-man for 90's throwback grunged-up pop outfit Elephant Child, and now with his most recent release "Red Square," unrivaled power-pop enthusiast preforming under the name John Jacob. John's songs are undeniably catchy, keenly crafted, and jam-packed with dynamic, powerful riffs and "rentals-esque keyboards" (I'm reminded of Superdrag's tracks from the Anniversary split on Red Square). John's songs almost seem to breathe. Keep up with John's on going EP project over at his bandcamp site -

John Jacob is
John Hostetter and friends


Red Square

2010 · Funny / Not Funny Records · 005


F/NF Summer Mix Tape 2010

2010 · Funny / Not Funny Records · 002.5

12 Tracks from the F/NF Family.