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Order is Thomas Dean, Rich Ivey, Matt Leech, Adam Smith and Josh Lawson. But it wasn’t always this way. The fact that the Charlottesville, VA-based band’s pedigree contains current and ex-members of The Invisible Hand, Whatever Brains and The Alphabet; some of the best the Shenandoah region currently has to offer indie rock, should not matter. In truth, Order has existed via many lineups and nomenclatures since 2001. While the band has consistently been performing its excellent brand of pop-noir for close to a decade, its storied lineage is difficult to comprehend. Plagued with a high turnover rate, at least 18 accountable Virginia musicians have called themselves a member of Order, Order of the Dying Orchid, Order Order or Order Forever. Looking through old Order photos, more often than not, a future or former member can be indentified in the audience.

Order is...
Josh Lawson, Thomas Dean, Matt Leech, Adam Smith, Rich Ivey

Order is/was...
Parker, Neil, Matt W., Yohanna, Adam Smith, Jody Mac, Nik, Tom,
Josh, Ryan, Ali, Tim, Ron, John, Adam, Rich, Zach and Matt


Split Cassette w/ Elephant Child

2011 · Funny / Not Funny · 012

100 / Yellow

Wild Order

2010 · Creature Feature · 001

300 / Black

Party Favor CD-r

2010 · None