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New Boss - No Breeze Cassette F/NF 046

F/NF is excited to present No Breeze, the fifth cassette release from Charlottesville VA's New Boss. Side A contains the 6 album tracks from their new EP with the same name, Side B contains demos from each track an an additional live cut of My Security.

No Breeze picks up where Third Sister left off, with New Boss' unique brand of dreamy fuzz pop. If hard pressed to compare the two records, you will find more mature and relaxed rock ballads and less rambunctious licks (but not devoid of) on this one. There are also more shared vocal harmonies, less trade offs, which is most evident in the title track.

In fact you can check that out in the single below, entitled "No Breeze":

  • New Boss - No Breeze

Pressing Information

100 / White Shell w/ Black Ink


  1. Blooms
  2. My Security
  3. No Breeze
  4. Desert Ship
  5. A Sight Uncaptured
  6. BYS II
  7. Blooms (demo)
  8. My Security (demo)
  9. No Breeze (demo)
  10. Desert Ship (demo)
  11. A Sight Uncaptured (demo)
  12. BYS II (demo)
  13. My Security (live)