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Wineteeth / Gloop Split Cassette 044

F/NF Records is excited to present the first cassette release from both Wineteeth & Gloop as a combined and well paired split.

Side A features six tracks by Harrisonburg, VA based Wineteeth. Their sound is classic punk mixed with a more modern vibe, analogous to something like Ramones meets the Goner Records / Infinity Cat / Memphis sound. Each of their tracks are ripping, short, and succinct, leaving the listener wanting more of their catchy craftsmanship. Check out their single 'Beefheart' below.

Side B features four tracks by Frederick, MD based Gloop with an additional fifth track only available via the digital download. Gloop's tracks seamlessly bounce back and forth between distorted angsty grunge and more clean, yet overdriven noise rock. One moment it is that Seattle sound (or for you old DelMarVa heads think Mannequin) and then the next something fuzzed out similar to Japandroids or Male Bonding. Check out their single 'Sad Man Meal' below.

  • Wineteeth - Beefheart

  • Gloop - Sad Man Meal

Pressing Information

1st Pressing: (SOLD OUT)
50 / Black & White Shell w/ Black & White Printed Label

2nd Pressing:
100 / Black Shell w/ White Ink

A digital download is included with each cassette


  1. Wineteeth - Beefheart
  2. Wineteeth - Sad 4 U
  3. Wineteeth - Enough Of It
  4. Wineteeth - Mystery Queen
  5. Wineteeth - Brainfly
  6. Wineteeth - Blink 182
  7. Gloop - Sad Man Meal
  8. Gloop - I Heard Her Talkin
  9. Gloop - An Offering
  10. Gloop - Rest Area 51
  11. Gloop - Blueberries For Supper (bonus, digital only)