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Borrowed Beams of Light / New Boss Split Cassette F/NF 029

Funny / Not Funny Records is proud to bring you the Borrowed Beams of Light / New Boss Split Cassette Tape. The reason behind having these two collectives of musical minds share a medium is very straightforward. Both hailing from Charlottesville, these two troupes share influences, stages, and even members at times in projects past and present.

You will find the Borrowed Beams of Light side of the tape is fluid and more relaxed than ever before as the band has truly settled into a sound they can call their own. Whether it be a demo or a full band track there is something distinctly unique in their recent compositions that tips the listener to its maker. Adam Brock & co. have once again brought us a collection of tunes comprised of well placed guitar licks, synth driven textures, and vocal harmonies to create their particular cocktail of power pop.

The New Boss demos give the listener a lo-fi look at the early stages of this endeavor, while portraying things to come as these skeletons are sure to become booming ballads. Showcasing how far the band has come in such a short time and the cohesiveness of this rock and roll juggernaut, listeners will be hard pressed to recognize that vocal responsibility and members change from track to track. Each number is full of swagger and power pop pedigree which is to be expected from any group associated with Thomas Dean.

  • Borrowed Beams of Light - Long-necked Wife
  • New Boss - Last Try (Demo)


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100 / White w/ Black Ink


  1. Borrowed Beams of Light - Not That Bright
  2. Borrowed Beams of Light - A Sky By Your Design
  3. Borrowed Beams of Light - Birds of Night
  4. Borrowed Beams of Light - &&&
  5. Borrowed Beams of Light - Long-necked Wife
  6. Borrowed Beams of Light - Up On the Hill
  7. Borrowed Beams of Light - Sky of You/Sea of Me
  8. Borrowed Beams of Light - 33 and 45
  9. Borrowed Beams of Light - City of Illusions
  10. New Boss - Do I have To
  11. New Boss - Owls
  12. New Boss - Raw Ramp II
  13. New Boss - Last Try
  14. New Boss - Break Yourself
  15. New Boss - Dear Sir
  16. New Boss - RNR 3
  17. New Boss - Teaser
  18. New Boss - Mini Pops