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Borrowed Beams of Light - On The Wings Of A Bug LP

Another one from Adam Brock and co. This album was recorded over the course of nine months in various spots around Virginia. Basic tracks were laid down at White Star Studio and overdubs took place in various locations (a winery in Purcellville, basements in Charlottesville). To assist with the recording, Brock employed his usual group of co-conspirators, including frequent collaborator Nate Walsh, and the members of the live iteration of the band.

Taking inspiration from influences such as Tusk-era Fleetwood Mac and eccentric songwriter Robyn Hitchcock, the record revels in the beauty that extends from the chaos of the natural world, and mankind’s attempt to mold that chaos into something which is meaningful and honest. Brock says, “The album is about small things; small bad things that add up to large bad things [and] the small good things that end up feeling the most meaningful and beautiful. I’ve tried to take my problems and fears and anxieties and rework them into something much prettier than those things have any right to be and I hope [these songs] make people feel better the way they’ve made me feel better.”

Pressing Information

Released on Hibernator Gigs Records

300 / Black


  1. Songbird Bouquet
  2. Four Good Eyes
  3. On The Wings Of A Bug
  4. Kruger Park
  5. Dumbstruck
  6. Dog Won't Bite
  7. A Very Different Place
  8. Drawing Blanks
  9. Machines
  10. Getting There
  11. Carry It All
  12. The News
  13. Belly Of A Ghost