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Naked Gods - No Jams LP + Digi Download F/NF 015

“No Jams” is Naked God’s debut release on Funny / Not Funny Records and showcases the band’s growth since their first LP four years prior. On this record you will find more hooks, shorter songs, and a succinct songwriting style, all aspects the title may hint at. Staying true to their roots the band still delivers the same mind melting guitar harmonies interwoven with beautiful melodies that makes up their characterizing sound. In short, these mountain men from North Carolina have put together 10 refined tracks of Appalachian rock pop gold.


  1. Teenage Colony
  2. Yoho
  3. Jeff October
  4. Hoods Up
  5. Shaq & Diane
  6. Psych White
  7. Soft Drugs
  8. Super Mozart
  9. Popsicle Swamp
  10. Waggin' Well (version)

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